Cost of Treatment

How much do braces cost

Braces in the western Illinois region cost on average between $5,800-$6,800. The average cost for treatment at our clinic is $3,500. How can we offer such a low price yet still provide high quality care? The answer is maximum efficiency. Improved efficiency keeps our overhead low, which in turn allows us to offer lower fees. Our partnership with a leading orthodontic practice also gives us access to volume discounts on supplies and even Invisalign lab fees.

These savings are passed on to our patients in the form of reduced fees. We know that sometimes even with low fees it can be hard to budget for treatment. That is why we offer low down payments in conjunction with flexible payment plans. This makes it possible to spread out the cost of treatment over many months and at 0% interest charge. Also, additional discounts are offered if you would rather pay for the cost of treatment up front. We also offer price breaks for multiple children in treatment. This means that you get the lowest cost of treatment without any sacrifice of quality. Call to make an appointment today!

Dental Insurance for Orthodontics

We Strive to accept all Dental insurances. This can save our patients big money. We are committed to working with all insurances, so, if you have any questions about your particular insurance, give us a call.

Intra-oral Scanners

Great news! Intra-oral scanners have solved one of the most uncomfortable aspects of invisalign treatment. In the past patients needed to have rubber molds made of their mouths to get aligners. Those molds would then have to be sent off to Invisalign. Today a digital scan can be made and sent instantly to Invisalign, accelerating the process of creating aligners and improving patient comfort. Win-Win!

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