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Not all clear aligners are equal!

Many people may not realize that major differences exist between clear aligner manufacturers. Invisalign™ was the first to make clear aligners and still sets the standard. Invisalign leads all other manufacturers when it comes to dollars spent on research and development. This gives Invisalign the most advanced technology when it comes to giving you the smile you want. Also, none of the online DIY aligner companies use Invisalign. Invisalign does not provide their aligners directly to consumers. So, If you want the best, you want Invisalign. There is no better place to get your Invisalign treatment than Knox Family Smiles. Where we have the friendliest staff and the best prices!

Things unique to Invisalign:

• MATERIAL: It took years for Invisalign to develop their proprietary SmartTrack material. This material is patented and no other company can use it. The material has major advantages because it forms to the teeth better and holds its shape for longer. This allows it to move teeth quicker, more accurately and with less discomfort.

• SOFTWARE: is an extremely valuable and often overlooked advantage of Invisalign. The software has built into it many best practices and can warn the doctor if certain movements are particularly difficult or will create bite issues. The software integrates all of the other advantages of Invisalign to provide the best possible outcome. ors the most sophisticated software. It can detect bite discrepancies and warn the doctor that certain movements may cause bite issues. It also has the ability to expand the dental arches allowing more space for crowded teeth and restoring “collapsed”, “dished-in” smiles back to their youthful appearance! On-line competitors don’t expand the back of the dental arch so you can’t get that nice broad smile. Instead they just tip the front teeth forward to gain space and this can lead to gum recession and bite issues (you end up biting only on your front teeth)!

• ATTACHMENTS: has decades of experience in what works for moving teeth with clear aligners. Invisalign allows the use of special attachments, they act as handles that improve tooth movement. This allows all cases to be treated even difficult ones. Mail order aligners don’t use attachments and so their aligners are very limited in their effectiveness!

• INTER-PROXIMAL REDUCTION (IPR): some cases that are very crowded or if there is a discrepancy in the size of the upper and lower teeth IPR can be a valuable tool. IPR is a procedure where a tooth is reduced by fractions of a millimeter, it is similar to sanding between the teeth. This allows a doctor to fit the teeth together in cases where it would be impossible without IPR or extractions of teeth. Once again, this is something that is performed in office. Another benefit to seeing a provider in person.

• iTero SCANNERS: patient is scanned with the fastest and most accurate scanner on the market today. Our office does not take impressions of the teeth because they are uncomfortable and less accurate. The best treatment starts with the best records.

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