About Orthodontic Braces

The Path to Straighter Teeth

People of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Everyone wants a beautiful smile! Don’t let your age stand in the way. With modern “invisible braces”, know as Invisalign, patients of any age can get a great looking smile without having to worry about wearing visible metal braces.

Due to developmental characteristics of mature jaws, adult treatment can sometimes be complex and requires different orthodontic treatment strategies. However, with modern techniques and materials, many cases can be treated non-surgically and without extracting.

Types of Braces

We offer 4 different systems to straighten your teeth

Traditional Metal BracesThis is a cost effective way to efficiently straighten teeth. Metal brackets are glued to the teeth and wires are tied in using rubber rings that come in various colors. Knox Family Smiles uses the Synergy bracket which is a modern low-friction bracket. These brackets help to reduce friction while moving teeth and can reduce treatment times.

Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces have the same advantages as metal braces but they are more aesthetic. Ceramic braces match the color of your teeth so they are less visible when you smile.

InvisalignInvisalign uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. They are like invisible mouthguards. The only piece fixed to the teeth are small tooth colored buttons that aide in tooth movement.

GAC In-Ovation BracesThese are self-ligating brackets, they have a special door built into them to hold the wire into place. No colorful ties are needed for these brackets. These brackets help to further reduce friction for quick, comfortable treatment.

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