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The average cost of braces at our practice is $4200. That’s $1600 - $2600 LESS than the average cost of braces in western Illinois! How are we able to provide such high quality at this low price? A combined approach of utilizing the latest, most efficient technology AND our partnership with a leading orthodontic practice gives us the advantage! Partnering with Boubon Orthodontics in the Milwaukee area gives us access to volume discounts on supplies and even Invisalign lab fees! We are thrilled to pass these savings on to the people of our community!

Can Dental Insurance Be Used For Orthodontics?

Absolutely! We aim to accept all dental insurances. We know that dental insurance can reduce the financial burden on families. If you have questions about a particular insurance, just give us a call!

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Flexible Payment Plans

● Low Down Payments

● Discounts for paying all costs up front

● Discounts for signing up multiple children at once

● Flexible Payment Plans that stretch payments for many months at 0% interest

Low Down Payments

We are making high quality orthodontic care within reach! Even with a reduced treatment cost, we understand that budgeting for braces can be tricky. We want to give you the lowest cost of treatment without sacrificing quality! We offer:

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